Praxical is a collective of emerging science communicators and creatives, empowering the community through engaging everyday people in the process of science. 

Praxical specialises in creating STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) experiences for a range of audiences. 

Praxical engages their community  building online workshops, hosting seminars and talks or developing and facilitating in-person activities and workshops. 

Praxical's science comedy experience:

The STEAM Room

Praxical's STEAM Room is a science comedy show that trained scientists to perform comedy based on their research live on stage.

Performing with Dr Karl and Wiradjuri astronomer Kirsten Banks, The STEAM Room performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Brisbane International Science Festival, the Australian Museum, and the Sydney Comedy Festival, performing to over 1200 guests at the Enmore Theatre. Learn more about The STEAM Room here.